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- With its proven and dynamic implementation methodology, ITG has the required resources to achieve the highest ERP implementation success rate.


- The main objective of ITG services is to work with its clients to achieve holistic and sustainable improvements in their production processes, through the closure of the performance gap between current and expected performance.


- ITG utilizes the expertise of high-caliber experts who possess practical experience for more than 9 years in the different industries.


- To achieve the required operational transformation, the experts target the following main areas in the organization:


The Production Process: or the way of using physical material and utilize available resources to create value and to cut losses.


The Management Style: the policies and processes in place that are used in managing human and organization resources.


The Human Capital: how do the people think, behave and conduct themselves in the work environment.


ITG services includes :


Comprehensive Diagnosis: learning what goes beyond obvious symptoms of underperformance (e.g. poor quality, high rework, increase of waste,)


Improvements Action Plans : improvements may include logistics , layouts , and workplace re-organization. Action plans usually include actors, timeframes, responsibilities and progress measures.


Implementation: supervision could be provided during the implementation of the improvement plans to assist the company in achieving the required results in the expected time.


Fine-Tuning: along the time of implementation, the improvement plan is refined and tasks are adjusted to satisfy unpredicted circumstances that might occur during the implementation.

About itg

- Clear visions , Innovation ,creativity , hardworking and learning from others are our keys to what we are now;


- ITG is considered as the leading ERP provider in Egypt only within 5 years of its establishment.


- Established 2003 as a result of the vision for providing the market with integrated business solutions to enhance stakeholders' ability to grow and compete in the ever challenging market


- We innovate where others  couldn’t, we don’t just repeat what others did, we analyze well to reach creative solutions, and we are never board of what we do because there are still a lot more to learn from other's


- ITG Egypt is managed by logical thinkers, clear minded and target oriented entrepreneurs accumulating a  wealth of knowledge and experience in different aspects of business.

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