- ECHO Financials

Manage your entire business profitably....


Handle all your financial transactions, including multi company, multi-currency, multi-accounting, multi accounting dimensions,  general ledger, journal entries, multi posting type (Actual, Budgeting, and Commitment) budgeting, and account setup and maintenance in one system, with comprehensive tools and reports.


General ledger - To provide companies with complete enterprise wide financial reporting from all aspects of the business to manage corporate performance and monitor the return on investment.


Accounts payable - To provide timely, accurate and efficient control of  processing invoices paying bills and analyzing expenses and available discounts to improve cash flow, while maintain close relationships with suppliers.


Accounts receivable - To accumulate and manage customer activity, ensuring timely revenue collection and effective reporting in order to enhance cash flow management.


Fixed asset -  To maintain a detailed record of the company's fixed assets by recording depreciation and current asset values, in addition to providing a facility to evaluate remaining usefulness by tracking expenditures incurred or income derived from assets.


Bank & treasury -  Track all banking processes such as cash receipts, check writing, deposits, advance payments, and account reconciliation. to provide system-wide bank reconciliation information on cash inflows and outflows, allowing optimal and efficient cash management.


Budgeting -  Manage budget manual creation, allocation, and distribution. Provide budget tracking, reporting, and alerts that notify the responsible users whenever a transaction exceeds a monthly or annual budget limit.


Financial reporting -  Provide easy-to-use financial reports, including balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flow analysis, transaction reports, multi-period comparisons, and budget reports.


Cash flow forecast -  Manage working capital with functions that optimize logistics processes and improve liabilities and receivables management. Manage cash flow, including cash flow calculations and middle- and long-term planning.


Letter of credit -  Foreign purchasing is enriched with letter of credit functionalities that handles the full cycle of LC starting from opening LC for purchase order ending with final invoicing and LC closing.


Letter of guarantee -  ECHO  Supports the follow up of LG’s whether it is issued for customers or received from vendors.


Financial ratios -  Ratio analysis is an excellent method for determining the overall financial condition of your small business. It puts the information from a financial statement into perspective, helping to spot financial patterns that may threaten the health of your company.

- ECHO Manufacturing

Deliver the right products to the right customers at the right time….


ECHO  Manufacturing management is powerful solution integrating manufacturing with your other operations, so you can identify changes in demand & supply and rapidly respond to new customer requirements.


ECHO  Enables businesses to deliver with speed, precision and efficiency.  ECHO  gives you consistency, control and visibility over all aspects of the manufacturing process, and the capability to respond rapidly to changing circumstances. We offer a full array of manufacturing functionality, including estimating; master scheduling, finite capacity scheduling, labor performance, costing, lot and serial tracking, purchasing/receiving, back-flushing, material verification, capacity and Multi level material requirements planning, Multiple Bill Of Materials for the same item, Multiple manufacturing routes,  Sub-contracting and more. Our manufacturing system is flexible, scalable, easy-to-use and fully integrated, helping you to build and distribute products that delight your customers, increase your profitability and improve your competitive advantage.


Product engineering -  Define of both multi-level formulations and bill-of-materials. Formulations and bill-of-materials are easily duplicated and updated. Multiple versions of the original formulation/bill are numerically controlled.


Master production schedule (MPS) -  Translates your business plan, including forecasted demand, into a production plan using planned orders in a true multi-level optional component scheduling environment. Using MPS helps you avoid shortages, costly expediting, last minute scheduling, and inefficient allocation of resources.


Material planning (MRP) -  Manage your production material requirements through a wizard-based process that enables users to define a planning scenario in easy steps, and predict demand based on forecasts.


Manufacturing orders -  Manages the release and production of specific product orders to the shop floor helps you achieve optimized fulfillment, rapid order processing cycles, cost-effective sourcing of inventory to customer orders, and increased revenue with capabilities such as substitution, cross-selling items, and Value Added Services (VAS).


Shop floor control -  Provides complete control over production operations, which eliminates redundant data entry, and ensures consistency and accuracy throughout your shop floor.


Shop floor schedule- ECHO  Shop floor scheduling enables planner to schedule job orders on production lines and machines efficiently and easily. And quickly generate solutions for shop floor scheduling that would minimize production costs. In addition, the following benefits are realized.


Order costing –  Tracks all material, services and labor costs associated with a particular job. By entering job codes, you can create purchase orders, work orders, and sales orders by job. On-screen cost summaries give you information at a glance to help you monitor your job budget.


Product costing -  Captures detailed cost information for traditional or activity-based costing, and facilitates management of the information needed to analyze and reduce product costs. You are able to retrieve and review all product cost-related information as well as trace costs without generating excess paperwork or reports.


Product quality management -  Defines ENTERPRISE testing procedures, applies tests to work orders and repetitive schedules, holds quality test results, and manages inventory sampling plans and quality work orders. Throughout the production process, testing procedures may be devised and routed along with the product. Quality tests are made on Vendors receipt, between shop floor operations, before customer shipments, and etc…


Maintenance management -  Helps to improve your ability to schedule routine internal maintenance and generate revenue for your company. Maintain multiple task schedules for each piece of equipment, such as daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or any user-defined maintenance schedule. Respond quickly to unplanned repairs with minimal effect on production and delivery.  ECHO  handles both preventive and corrective maintenance orders.


Gain agility and speed in your operations & fulfilling the concept-to-customer vision….


To best satisfy customers, you must provide the right product or service at the right price, to the right customer at the right  time. To achieve this goal, you need to ensure the integration of the entire chain including design, development, procurement, manufacturing, sales, until the delivery of your products and services. But you also need the flexibility to simplify, automate, and innovate your processes in order to support new business requirements.


ECHO  SCM Is the only application that delivers a complete set of features and functions for building adaptive supply chain networks.


ECHO  SCM Provides your organization with complete features and functions to help you manage your key activities in:


Sales order cycle  - Manage customer-focused activities, from selling products and services, to managing professional services delivery and internal processes such as calculating incentives and commissions.


Purchase order cycle  -  Convert demand, such as purchase requisitions, into purchase orders or delivery schedules for a scheduling agreement.


Inventory management  -  Optimize internal movements and storage of goods within a warehouse.


Logistics  -  Manage end-to-end procurement and logistics business processes for complete business cycles, from self service requisitioning to flexible invoicing and payment. ECHO  SCM can also help optimize the physical flow of materials.


Distribution management  -  Were inter-planet demand/capture is easy managed automatically though planning system generated movement orders from one planet. Inter-planet demand management enhances planet efficiency, utilization and accurate delivery dates.

- ECHO Human Resources Management

Optimize your most valuable asset, your people…..


ECHO HRM Helps businesses to optimize the entire recruit-to-retire process. With this human resource management system, you can attract and retain a qualified workforce, access and share vital workforce information safely and securely, adapt workforce processes as your company grows and changes, provide self-service capabilities to employees and managers, and enable effective decision-making relative to your workforce.


ECHO Is used by enterprising companies to turn human resources into competitive advantage. This HR software accommodates multiple languages, currencies, banks, tax definitions, benefits, security configurations, and platforms.


Human resource planning -  Accommodate multiple organizations, organizational structures, jobs, positions, and HR planning; recruiting cycle, competencies, training , appraisal and career path.


Personnel - Capture pertinent information about each employee so you have one place to maintain and manage your employees records and data. Secure role-based personnel management, from hiring to retirement. Applying internal regulations and external governance laws, everything you need to manage with multiple progressive HR plans while ensuring the security and privacy of your data.


Time and attendance - Collect and validate time and attendance and labor data in multiple languages via a variety of tools. Ensure an accurate, timely payroll while meeting tax compliance and reporting requirements, improve the accuracy of time and attendance tracking and reporting.


ECHO  Payroll -  Is a comprehensive payroll and taxation administration tools for formulating and driving corporate pay policies. Establish automatic deductions by employee, and automatically accrue company matches. You can track company and/or loan balances and apply payroll withholdings to debt repayment.

- ECHO Costing Management

Achieve cost effectiveness, throughout a product or service’s life cycle….


ECHO  Costing Is a comprehensive and powerful tool for maintaining ENTERPRISE, current and projected costs for both accounting and manufacturing operations. Its unique features are ideal for helping you manage the planning and budgeting of your entire operation.


Captures costs as changes occur, ensuring up-to-date and accurate costing. You can link purchases directly to existing work orders from within the Purchasing or Manufacturing modules. Additionally, you can earmark costs specific to the appropriate job, then link work orders to specific customer orders. This allows you to know the true margin for each customer order.


Cost center accounting -  Enables you to define Cost / profit centers so that you can monitor and regulate the costs of your business processes effectively. The Cost/ profit center reports give you important information about the costs and revenues that have arisen, sorted by area and department. Analyze, track and compare actual costs to planned costs yielding valuable variance analysis data. This module is the primary source for linking accounting entries from shop orders to the General Ledger (G/L). It is also designed to enter miscellaneous costs associated with, or allocated to, a job.


Material costing -  Enables you to calculate all costs, in addition to the cost of the material overheads, normally associated with purchasing and receiving materials in-house for resale or production. These costs include such items as freight, import duties, custom charges, and in-house handling charges.


Order costing -  Tracks all material, services and labor costs associated with a particular job. By entering job codes, you can create purchase orders, work orders, and sales orders by job. On-screen cost summaries give you information at a glance to help you monitor your job budget.


Product costing -  Captures detailed cost information for traditional or activity-based costing, and facilitates management of the information needed to analyze and reduce product costs. You are able to retrieve and review all product cost-related information as well as trace costs without generating excess paperwork or reports.


Lead to better customer communication and retention……


ECHO  CRM Is a comprehensive and powerful tool for maintaining your Customer relation, for managing and nurturing a company’s interactions with clients and sales prospects.


It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally  salesactivities, but also those for  marketing, customer service, and technical support.


The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service.


Once simply a label for a category of software tools, today, it generally denotes a company-wide business strategy embracing all client-facing departments and even beyond.


ECHO  CRM System helps enterprises to make the most out of each account through focusing on sustaining current customers and maximizing mutual relationships.


ECHO  CRM Is embedded to integrate Marketing, Sales opportunities, Support services, and Customers' facing processes in seamless inter-relation with all relevant functions across the organization.


When an implementation is effective, people, processes, and technology work in synergy to increase profitability, and reduce operational costs.


Trade partners - Enables you to define customers and sales reps. Starts with defining trade partners and  the quotations they ordered moving to the reservations and shipments committed follow-up ending by invoicing and cash collection process.


Sales opportunity -  Enables you to provide an array of capabilities to streamline all phases of the sales process, minimizing the time that sales representatives need to spend on manual data entry and administration. This allows them to successfully pursue more clients in a shorter amount of time than would otherwise be possible.  At the heart of SO is a  contact management system for tracking and recording every stage in the sales process for each prospective client, from initial contact to final disposition. Many SO applications also include insights into opportunities, territories, sales forecasts and workflow automation, quote generation, and product knowledge.


ECHO CRM manages customer’s service contracts - To set different service level agreements criteria (SLA) for each customer where a SLA criteria value might differs from one customer to another based on service contract agreements. Each customer SLA criteria is measured against actual service feedback and claims in order to direct customer care department to immediately detect and manage un-achieved SLA criteria target.

- ECHO Point Of Sale

Let clients be happy to be back again and again….


ECHO POS Contains the most common features of POS systems.


The excellence is that it is integrated with  ECHO  back office (supply chain, finance) and can be managed remotely. Moving  goods between branches, pricing, discounts and promotions can be managed from master site in order to guarantee adequacy and centralized decision support. In addition to online POS,  ECHO supports offline POS support with simple data loaders in order to keep up-to-date sales and collection log.


ECHO POS Is fully integrated with  ECHO back office (finance, supply chain) which support the full functions of retail management.

- ECHO Project Management

Assure you meet deadlines and budgets….


ECHO Project management enables the ability to set budget for a project, and assign project cost directly in order to compare between actual/budget project expenditures. Purchase orders and outsourcing orders are generated automatically based on project requirements and tied to projects in order to give greater traceability and follow-up. 


Projectized companies can totally manage their business through  ECHO project management solution.  ECHO project management can be integrated with MS Project or any project management software that can convert projects into .XML file. 


ECHO Project management can import any project in XML format and give  ECHO  user the full functionalities of the most powerful tools in project management (such as MS Project). 


ECHO CAD System link allows ETO (engineer to order) customers to update Product design data automatically efficiently without human being data entry mistakes. 


ECHO Project management allows the full integration between projects and company back office like manufacturing, supply chain and finance. 


Also allows smooth scheduling the following resources:


- Manufacturing resource requirements.


- Man power.


- Material usage.

- ECHO Intelligence

Our solutions are equipped with out-of-the-box functionality….


Workflow - Define your own alerts and unique workflow for documents and processes by establishing approvals, procedures, requests, and steps that are to be automatically initiated when a specific event occurs.


ECHO  Communicates with everyone, so you don’t have to put yourself in endless loop time wasting. 


Automatic alerts -  Define your own alerts and unique workflow processes by establishing approvals, procedures, and steps that are to be automatically initiated when a specific event occurs.


ECHO  Alerting system notifies each user per any user defined alerts in order to mitigate any possible risks.


Customization and integration -  Enable users to easily add fields, change windows, and personalize queries and reports. A user interface customization tools is available to customize and integrate ECHO to meet your specific industry and business needs. Admin users can modify layout/translation of all windows as per user preferences and naming convention.


Report generator -  It helps Customer to generate infinite number of reports in user friendly wizard.


Performance measurements - Link and align operational and strategic plans and develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to assist you in defining your key success factors and keep you informed up to-date view of your business performance and critical issues to support you in making strategic decisions. ECHO supports a number of popular scorecard methodologies, including balanced scorecard, economic value-added and activity-based costing methods.


KPI- Key Performance Indicators embedded  for fast business goals monitoring (Dashboard)


Business intelligence -  Analyze your business information through the use of the data mining and analytics methodologies which will visualize your business dimensions in an ever strong and functional way.


Pivot viewer -  Pivot viewer solutions provide a new perspective on the reams of data that are being created, and provide ways to transform that data into INFORMATION and useful answers to important questions.


ECHO Portal - Is a secured web based portal used for direct link with B2B trade partners.


It is an essential too for automating B2B communications for better CRM and B2B accuracy and professionalism.


For customers, it allows adding new orders, reviewing orders status, Invoices, shipments, payments, products and requests.


For vendors, it allows receiving purchase orders, receiving design specifications and changes, reviewing payment scheduling and status, sharing design documents.