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This table shows the 19 schools that will go to remote learning starting Wednesday, January 18, 2022, due to the high number of COVID-19 cases among Davis School District students and staff. The table shows the number of infected students and staff in each school in the red column.

FARMINGTON — Nineteen schools in the Davis School District will switch to remote and online learning starting Wednesday due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases among students.

Remote learning will continue through Friday, when school officials hope the number of active cases will fall below thresholds set out in state law that required the move. The students “will be back on Monday,” said Chris Williams, the district spokesman.

At the same time, however, Williams said district officials continue to monitor the number of cases and he left open the possibility of other schools joining the 19. “There may be more. We just don’t know,” he said.

In the Weber School District, meanwhile, Roy High School will join Weber and Fremont High Schools beginning Wednesday in moving to online learning, also due to rising COVID-19 cases, Lane said. Findlay, district spokesperson. These are the only three schools in the Weber School District that have had to make the change, which must last, as in the Davis School District, until the end of the week.

So far, no school in the Ogden School District has exceeded thresholds requiring measures such as remote learning to guard against the spread of COVID-19. Even so, Jer Bates, the district spokesperson, said school officials are monitoring the number of student and teacher absences, whether or not they are definitely related to COVID-19. If absences get high enough, some schools could switch to online learning, he said.

COVID-19 “is out there and it affects all of us,” Bates said.

The Davis School District, which encompasses all of Davis County, is Utah’s second largest with 72,540 students, according to state data. The 19 schools doing remote learning represent 20.1% of the 92 educational institutions listed on the district’s COVID-19 dashboard.

“I believe the parents understand the situation,” Williams said.

State and federal health officials recommend people who test positive for COVID-19 self-isolate for five days, longer if they continue to experience symptoms, to prevent its spread. Because Davis schools were not in session on Monday or Tuesday, in addition to last Saturday or Sunday, students at the 19 schools have not been in contact, at least in school settings, for four days.

That said, if sick students still show symptoms next Monday, they should stay home. “Our mantra for the past two years has been to stay home if you’re sick,” Williams said.

In the Weber School District, Findlay said no other schools appear to be in imminent danger of exceeding the COVID-19 thresholds set out in Senate Bill 107. “Right now it seems like everyone is holding their own,” he said.

According to SB 107, approved last year, schools with at least 1,500 students must take steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when active cases represent 2% of the student body. For schools with fewer than 1,500 students, the threshold is 30 active cases among students.

SB 107 initially called for schoolwide COVID-19 testing in schools that exceed thresholds. However, state officials changed that last week, in light of rising cases and limited testing materials, allowing affected schools to go online instead.

The change announced by Governor Spencer Cox and other officials is in effect until the end of the month. Options after that for schools with high numbers of COVID-19 cases are unclear and state lawmakers, who gathered for the 2022 session on Tuesday, will likely debate the issue.

The 19 schools in the Davis School District affected include high schools in Bountiful, Clearfield, Davis, Farmington, Northridge and Syracuse. Also included are Centennial, Centerville, Fairfield, Farmington, Kaysville, Legacy, Millcreek, Mueller Park, North Davis, Shoreline, South Davis, Syracuse, and West Point high schools.

Four elementary schools in the Davis School District exceeded COVID-19 thresholds last fall, requiring action. These are Syracuse, Antelope, Buffalo Point and Burton Elementary Schools.

No public school in Utah has a mask mandate. However, many school officials are recommending the use of masks and vaccination against COVID-19 to help prevent the spread of the disease.


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