Alkira Secondary College Online Assembly Halted As Hackers Spread Explicit Content


Hackers broadcast explicit material during an online assembly at a Melbourne high school, prompting an investigation by Victoria’s Department of Education.

The vision was played to everyone who tuned in to the assembly at Alkira Secondary College in Cranbourne North on Monday.

It is understood that the principal ended the session shortly after the interruption.

Later in the day, students and parents also received messages and emails containing references to the Holocaust and the KKK and content described as “vile” and “repugnant” by parents.

“You can’t stop us, you’ve been hacked, we’re 2 steps ahead, try to find us, f*ck******,” one post read.

Alkira Secondary College. Case. Credit: Facebook

In a note to parents obtained by, Acting Principal Nalini Naidu said support was available for pupils following the “extremely regrettable incident”.

“During the assembly, an unknown person interrupted the session and briefly screened a highly inappropriate video,” she said.

“We immediately ended the meeting.

“The Ministry of Education is working with us to determine how this happened and to establish the identity of the intruder.”

Under investigation

A Department of Education spokesperson told they were aware of the incident.

“We are currently investigating an incident at Alkira Secondary College where an online school assembly was disrupted,” she said.

“We are treating this incident seriously and are helping the school determine how it happened.”

It is understood that support is available to anyone in the school community who needs it.


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