Be prepared: Caregivers warned to act


The CFA encourages all Victorians caring for someone in high bushfire risk areas to develop a fire plan and prepare for this season, using the online bushfire planning module of the CFA.

The module, ‘Bushfire Planning: You and the person you care for’, has been developed in conjunction with Carers Victoria for anyone providing care or support to someone living with a disability, mental illness, chronic health problems or age-related conditions.

CFA and Carers Victoria are urging Victorians providing unpaid or informal care to use the module to keep everyone safe and prepared this season.

CFA Chief Officer Jason Heffernan said it was important for every Victorian to have a bushfire plan, and resources such as the module ‘Bushfire Planning: You and the person you are caring for’ will equip carers with the skills to prepare a plan tailored to the person they are caring for. .

“If you are caring for someone living in a high bushfire risk area, this learning module is for you,” he said.

So far, more than 160 people have completed the online bushfire planning module since its launch last year.

Chief Executive Heffernan said vulnerable people don’t always have the luxury of making a last-minute fire emergency plan, and that’s why this module is so important to so many. .

“We appreciate that there are so many daily challenges that carers have to consider when caring for someone, which can complicate an already stressful emergency situation, so it is vital that our community is proactive and making sure everyone has a plan,” he said.

Carers Victoria chief executive Judith Abbott said it was important that the needs of people in care relationships were actively considered and supported.

“Resources like this help carers plan for risks such as bushfires, which is an important step in ensuring the safety and well-being of all Victorians in care relationships,” it said. she declared.

As of September 1, the new fire danger rating system has changed and is now nationally consistent across all states and territories.

The system reduces the number of fire danger levels from six in the previous system to four; moderate, high, extreme and catastrophic.

Victorians can find out more about these changes to the fire risk rating system on the CFA website, where they can also find more information on how to make a wildfire survival plan. bush.

The e-learning module, ‘Bushfire Planning: You and the person you care for’ and its supporting resources, are available on CFA website.


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