Beaumont schools appoint two new principals


Successors Charisma Popillion, principal of Beaumont United High School, and Aaron Covington, principal of Pathways Alternative Learning Center, have been named.

District Superintendent Shannon Allen announced the new positions at the regular board meeting in May.

Wiley Johnson has been tapped to take over the Beaumont United campus from Popillion as she heads to Homer Drive Elementary to oversee the school’s transition to the Accelerating Campus Excellence model.

And West Brook High School Vice-Principal Joseph Bowser, Jr., will lead the Pathways campus as it undergoes an overhaul to reduce discipline issues in the district.

Johnson comes to Beaumont from North Shore Senior High School at Galena Park ISD, where he served as a vice-principal and professional educator for more than 30 years, according to a district news release.

The Houston native earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from the University of Houston in 1987 and earned a Master of Education in Business Administration from Prairie View A&M University in 1994. Johnson also earned a Ph.D. in Professional Leadership with a Emphasis on Special Populations from the University of Houston in 2017.

Johnson was named Region 4 Manager of the Year, Wheatley Power Model Manager of the Year, and Assistant Manager of the Year.

“It is an honor and a privilege to serve Beaumont ISD at Beaumont United High School,” Johnson said at the May board meeting. “It is my pride, dedication and passion to ensure student success. I heard you talk about college and careers, I heard you talk about our student success. You talked about some of the programs that we have in place Well, let’s excel at every But it’s going to take everybody in this room, a collaborative effort — meaning the staff, meaning the students, i.e. parents and community, I am excited and ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

Bowser, a Beaumont native and 1996 graduate of West Brook High School, now serves as principal.

Bowser attended Cisco Junior College on a football scholarship and earned an Associate of Applied Science degree. He then attended Texas A&M-Commerce, also on a football scholarship, and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

He returned to West Brook in 2005 as a teacher and coach where he taught world geography, U.S. history, economics and government and served as the head coach of the offensive line and the strength under then-head coach Craig Stump. He also coached the boys’ and girls’ pitchers.

Bowser earned a master’s degree in educational administration from Lamar University while interning at Central Medical Magnet High School, according to a district news release.

In 2015, he returned to West Brook as Assistant Principal where he served for four years before moving to Associate Director of Operations and Campus Discipline Coordinator. He also oversaw West Brook’s content areas and special education departments and served as coordinator of UIL.

“One of the things that excites me is having the chance to work with young people that some may have let down,” Bowser said during the board meeting. “We should never give up on our children. What we should think when we walk into Pathways Learning Center is not to judge anything before time. We will work hard, expectations will remain high and they will never go down. We will never never stare our children to failure. I’m proud to be a product of BISD. I joined BISD and I want to help BISD grow. So that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to do it from the right way and we’re going to do it the Beaumont, Texas way.”

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