Bedside table: A dose of fairy tales keeps history lessons going


“I find reading and discussing well-written and documented historical novels a great alternative for learning history. We read “Oliver Wiswell” by Kenneth Roberts for a class I’m leading at South Coast Senior College, York County Community College. This is Roberts’ third historical novel that covers the American Revolution and is written from a Loyalist perspective. A little bit against the grain, Roberts, as he researched material for his previous books “Arundel” and “Rabble in Arms,” ​​felt that one side of the American Revolution could not go well and the other all. false. “Oliver Wiswell” is a very engaging book, with twists and memorable characters. This begs the question of why we never learned this part of our history in school. And the topics are still strikingly relevant 90 years after it was first published. – STEVE THORNLEY, Wells

Mainers, please email to tell us about the book on your nightstand right now. In a paragraph or two, describe the book and be sure to tell us what attracted you to it. As the pandemic continues, we want to hear what you are reading in these volatile times and why. Send your selection to [email protected], and we can use it as a future bedside table.

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