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Monrovia– BlueCrest University has reached another milestone following the inauguration of a new branch campus in Congo Town.

According to Dr. Umesh Neelakantan, President of BlueCrest, the new annex will host the university’s professional and technical courses in information technology, fashion and design, management, NGO management; Digital Marketing, and many more next-gen insights.

Since 2014, BlueCrest has become one of Liberia’s leading Information Technology (IT) hubs. The University has launched a scholarship program titled “Make Liberia Great” for Liberian undergraduate students; of which 30 students have benefited to date.

Dr. Umesh Neelakantan said, “BlueCrest has been able to help tackle the real cause of this country, which is advanced higher education since 2014. We are contributing and advancing where merit and quality stagnate.

He revealed that since 2014, the university has imparted a mindset of progress to learners through different information technology portfolios; while its higher education platform has evolved to an advanced status of providing learning portfolios such as cloud computing, cyber security, advanced software programming, established and advanced networking platform.

He named the others as health analytics, data science, machine gain and deep gain technologies, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, cyber security, cloud computing, leadership and governance, design, agricultural research, among others.

He announced that a new platform named “BueCrest Solutions” has been created; adding that it will be a unique platform to provide intellectual and actionable solutions to organizations and other institutions regarding the different important facets of IT, management, fashion and design, philanthropic and social projects and consulting, among others.

Learning, he added, is a never-ending process and it is obligatory for every government to demonstrate the will to kick-start the progress of educational groups with a long-term vision and strategic plans.

He mentioned that investment in education by the government should have no limits as the returns to the government are never calculated in terms of monetary benefits. Instead, feedback is translated for great citizens to evolve with new perspectives of thought, social initiatives, philanthropic quests, and great business initiatives.

The University President noted that online learning engagements are enough to transform society; adding that science and technology have proven that innovations have evolved the best transformed status through thoughtful interventions.

He expressed the hope that BlueCrest will be recognized and benefit from the financial aids from the Ministry of Education which are given to several academic institutions.

“Very significant financial aid is granted to many university institutes. I am sure that BlueCrest will also be recognized with the necessary financial assistance by the government for all the good contributions made for this country. We have applied for grants for very important projects, but I am afraid that it is blocked due to some formalities. Ask for your good offices to help us formalize these grants,” Dr Neelakantan said addressing the Ministry of Education through the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Vocational Training and Education. Special Education, Mr. Saku S. Dukuly, who was a guest speaker.

In his keynote address, Mr. Dukuly thanked the administration of BlueCrest University for providing Liberians with the opportunity to learn 21st century job skills.

“It is good to note that BlueCrest is one of the leaders in IT education and training with the main objective of meeting the IT needs of Liberia,” said Mr. Dukuly, while pledging the commitment of the Ministry of Education to secure goals and aspirations. of the University is fully realized.

Speaking further, he revealed that the Government of Liberia, in collaboration with donor partners including the European Union, the Governments of Sweden, France and Germany, was providing substantial financial support to strengthen the Liberian education and training sector. Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) in its ability to provide equitable and gender-balanced access to high-quality, demand-driven TVET. The support, he said, targets ten TVET institutions across the country.


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