Central VPA moves to online learning after school shooting


There will be no classes for students or staff until Friday. Classes will resume online next Monday.

ST. LOUIS — Central VPA High School will transition to virtual learning next Monday after three people were killed and seven injured in a shooting at the school. There will be no school for students or staff for the remainder of this week.

At a St. Louis Public Schools press conference, Superintendent Dr. Kelvin Adams said the building was no longer considered a crime scene and had been returned to the district.

He also said students and staff are still not allowed to return to the building at this time, but the district is making plans for staff and students to pick up their belongings as early as Thursday.

“It is highly likely that the building will not be occupied for the next few weeks until we are able to do the type of renovations needed to put the building back in a position where students could eventually re-enter the building. “, did he declare.

The district is also working closely with several partners to provide anyone affected with in-person and online counseling services, as the effects of yesterday’s shooting will linger for anyone involved.

“I never thought I would be here today discussing a staff member and a student,” he said.

Board of Education President Matt Davis said this trend must stop.

“It was the 40th school shooting this year,” he said. “It was just a few months ago, we had a minute’s silence for Uvalde.”

He asked how many hundreds of bills, hundreds of solutions, hundreds of things where people can come together to protect our Second Amendment rights and protect our children in school?

He said as they mourned the lives lost and tried to heal as a school and school district, there was a lot of work to do.

“Today we start trying to make sense of it, trying to heal, trying to learn and see how we can prevent this from happening again,” he said.



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