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DeKalb County School District (DCSD) is launching a mobile classroom equipped with resources, supplies and staff to reach marginalized communities.

District officials say the Mobile Impact Learning Hub, which launched today (September 22), is designed to remove barriers to accessing a school campus for students and adults who do not have access transport or have language problems.

The bus will be equipped with a library, computers, Internet access, desks and study areas which will be open free of charge to students and their families. The bus will be leaving during the day for students participating in mobile learning. central environment of Elizabeth Andrews High School or Alternative School. The mobile classroom will also operate evenings and weekends for parent workshops and student engagements, DCSD officials said.

“We believe this model of meeting our students and their families where they are through our mobile classroom will be a game-changer and have a major impact on student success,” said Superintendent Cheryl Watson-Harris. “The vision of the mobile classroom is to create flexible, student-designed learning environments that increase access to information, resources and training from the comfort of our neighborhoods. “

“I, along with my colleagues on the Board of Education, are very excited about the opportunities offered to our students through the Mobile Impact Learning Hub. This initiative comes just at the right time, as we are looking for strategies that will allow us to reach our students in unique ways, ”said DeKalb County Education Council Chair Vickie B. Turner. “I visualize our families taking advantage of this innovative approach to non-traditional collaboration. I am very proud and support the leadership of our district for taking the cause of education to the next level, and thus taking our students to the next level.

The Mobile Hub is supported by a grant from the Center on Reinventing Public Education, a non-partisan research center, and the New Teacher Project (TNTP), a national non-profit organization that works with hundreds of school systems across the country . TNTP is also providing technical assistance for the launch of the Mobile Hub.

“Every student deserves to have access to high quality educational opportunities, even if they may not engage in school in the traditional way,” said Jeffrey Tsang, partner at TNTP. “We are proud to partner with DCSD on this innovative approach to reaching students in their communities. It will provide essential support this year and could become a national model for more flexible learning environments that will endure long after the pandemic is over. “

The district student advancement office will use the mobile hub as a strategy to minimize barriers students face in pursuing post-secondary options by hosting events directly in the community. The mobile classroom will make it easier to build trust with students and families through in-person academic and socio-emotional support services at convenient locations. Using the mobile hub will allow Student Advancement to help students complete the FAFSA, eligibility and dual enrollment process, as well as college, career and life preparation opportunities.

As part of the support of Elizabeth Andrews High School and DeKalb Alternative School, DCSD’s mobile, in-person and virtual learning centers will continue to serve as a community support ecosystem for students in need or in need. want flexible learning environments and for students to transition from DeKalb Alternative School to their home schools.

For more information, visit www.dekalbschoolsga.org.

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