Education: Cancryn returns to online courses indefinitely |


Just eight days into the new school year, and the Department of Education announced that a school in the Virgin Islands will be closed indefinitely.

In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, the department said Addelita Cancryn Intermediate and Junior High School would return to online instruction, citing repairs to its sewage system. Parents and students will be alerted once classes can resume in person, according to the statement.

“Addelita Cancryn Intermediate & Jr. High School will be closed for repairs to its sewage system, effective immediately. The school will return to virtual learning, beginning Thursday, August 18, until further notice,” Education said in Wednesday’s statement.

The original campus on Route 30 across from Banco Popular suffered heavy damage during the twin hurricanes of 2017. Since then, students have shared the space with students from Lockhart Elementary School.

“The schools are close to each other but the sewage system that is impacted is Cancryn’s,” education spokeswoman Cynthia Graham said, explaining that Cancryn is in the old school building. Lockhart School, while the latter’s students attend classes in modular units.

Ironically, the pods were built in the aftermath of 1995’s Hurricane Marilyn which damaged Lockhart Elementary.

According to the statement from the Ministry of Education, e-learning devices will be distributed in the school today. Parents, he noted, would receive an email with details.

The department said it would provide an update on the status of repairs and when the campus will reopen and “we thank parents, students and staff for their cooperation.”


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