Finding a Teaching Job in Ohio

Do you want to work as a teacher in the great state of Ohio? If so, you’ve come to the right place. A short article on the processes to become a teacher in Ohio can be found below.

Step 1: Complete an approved teacher preparation program

Educators must have at least a bachelor’s degree to teach in the United States. To gain certification in Ohio, students must complete a state-approved teacher education program. Each state-certified teacher education program in Ohio has its unique curriculum and courses, although most of the subject knowledge and teaching theory and practice are covered.

Recognized schools and universities offer educator preparation programs that include a challenging curriculum as well as hands-on field experiences. The most common themes in the program are basic knowledge and skills, pedagogy and education. Technology. Additionally, the program should enable students to research, design, and execute learning experiences in their profession. Candidates can apply what they have learned in the classroom through field observations and teaching students in hands-on field activities. The Ohio Department of Education must approve teacher training programs. To find a list of authorized teachers education programs in Ohio, visit the Ohio Department of Education’s Education Program Finder.

Step 2: Pass the required exams

Teaching or certifying students in Ohio does not require a foundation skills exam, but it does require an Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) pedagogical exam. The OAE Information Examination or Praxis Subject Examination relevant to the area of ​​licensing is also required in Ohio. You can acquire your Ohio teaching license through interstate reciprocity if you already have a teaching certificate from another state. The State of Ohio has four different licensing systems:

Teachers who have recently graduated from an accredited teacher education program school in the state are eligible for the Resident Educator License, which is valid for 4 years.

Individuals seeking another degree may obtain a 4 Year Alternate Resident Certification of State.

The educator receives a Professional educator license after completing one of the four-year residency programs

Educators who have earned a master’s or higher degree, have taught for at least 9 years, and have completed a master teacher portfolio are eligible for the Higher Professional Educator License.

Educators who have earned a teacher leader endorsement and have met the requirements for a senior license receive the Chief Professional Educator License.

Approval and portfolio may be replaced by National Board certification. Other types of licenses are available to educators who were trained and/or licensed out of state, and for varying conditions. Learn more about getting your teaching certification from the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Educator Licensure.

Step 3: Complete an Ohio Teaching License Application

Acquire the Ohio Preliminary License Application – In-State or Out-of-State Package when you are ready to apply. Complete the application and have it signed by the director or dean of your teacher education program in the appropriate sections. Submit all necessary documents to the Educator Licensing Office, Ohio Department of Education, 25 S. Front St, Mail Stop 105, Columbus, OH 43215-4183.


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