Idealliance® presents the first Print Quality eXchange (PQX®) online training and certification course


New certification for print quality reports aligned with ISO 20616-2 now available.

Alexandria, Virginia – Idealliance® is proud to introduce the new PQX® (Print Quality eXchange) online training and professional development course for print professionals, customers and solution provider teams to lead reports and effective communication based on print quality between printers. Supply Chain. Idealliance — the world’s leading association of graphic and printing communications standards and developer of the Print Quality eXchange format — with its members through the Print Properties Council (PPC), launched this new online training as the first program training and certification aligned with the new ISO Methodology 20616-2 standard.

The new PQX Expert course covers the basic methodology and requirements established by ISO 20616: 2-2020 and explains how PQX can be integrated and maintained to serve color and print quality reports. “The PQX Expert course is highly interactive and also includes access to PQX software for direct implementation and reporting experience in accordance with the new PQX standard,” said Jordan Gorski, Executive Director of Idealliance. “Instructor Dianne Kennedy, who was a key developer of PQX and PRX shows how to apply each concept step by step.”

Not only is this the first PQX-aligned training program, it also offers direct free access to one of the industry’s first PQX solutions and other materials to enable attendees to quickly improve their skills. skills in performing print quality reports, while providing globally recognized certification. as Experts PQX, by Idealliance. Idealliance members benefit from a special rate for this new online training course, as well as all other Idealliance training and certification programs.

All PQX Expert lessons feature Idealliance’s core e-learning methodology with interactive instructions, in-class quizzes to reinforce learning, a table of contents for easy research and future reference, bookmarks to automatically return where you left off and 24/7/365 access. “This course serves the industry with additional support to industry standards, and Idealliance is proud to have this program readily available to all professionals in the global printing industry through our new platform. online learning. It has never been easier to take Idealliance training wherever you are, ”says Gorski.

The PQX Expert course, like all Idealliance e-learning programs, includes an online certification final exam which, when passed with a score of 90% or more, rewards the learner as a PQX expert. and is listed in the globally referenced Idealliance Certification Directory, available here.

“Idealliance certifications are the most sought-after professional designations in the printing, packaging and graphic communications industry,” says Gorski. “The PQX experts who have already achieved certification, as well as others who will continue to achieve this elite designation, are recognized as proven leaders in the collection, reporting and communication of print quality according to ISO 20616: 2. , to continue to support Idealliance’s mission to further align and elevate our industry and to support their organization and customers.

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