IMAGO to Provide All-in-One Hybrid Classroom Solutions to Private Confucian Secondary School


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — IMAGOTECH Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian technology company of the multinational IMAGO group, has been awarded a tender to supply 70 units of the IMAGO 86″ All-in-one educational advice as well as its integrated solutions and educational content at Confucian Private Secondary School.

Signing ceremony between IMAGOTECH Sdn Bhd and Confucian Private Secondary School. (Left) Mr. Yap Siew Wah – Secretary General, Board of Governors of Confucian Private Secondary School, Mr. Sim Teck Hwa – Vice President of Confucian Private Secondary School, Mr. Ethan Tan – CEO of IMAGOTECH Sdn Bhd and Mrs. Alicia Toong – Regional Sales Manager of IMAGOTECH Sdn Bhd

the IMAGO Hybrid Classroom Solutions connects remote and in-person teachers and students seamlessly and dynamically without the need for additional setups.

Ethan TanCEO of IMAGOTECH, said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the need for the education sector to adapt to e-learning and blended learning or risk being left behind. account. We believe that our IMAGO hybrid classroom solutions are the way forward to help education transition into the future of learning. We are honored to have this opportunity to help ease the transition for teachers to so they can focus on teaching without having to navigate through complicated technologies.

“This RFP will further strengthen our position as a technology leader in hybrid classroom solutions while opening doors for future collaborations in the field.,added Ethan.

Each IMAGO Edu board includes educational content, ensuring an easy and seamless teaching session for educators while saving time on downloading or searching for relevant content for each classroom session.

IMAGO Educational advice are equipped with collaborative tools and features that make them a complete solution for smooth and uninterrupted classroom sessions. Students and teachers can instantly collaborate through IMAGO Smart Present, a classroom management system equipped with seamless screen sharing and streaming to student devices. It also has a co-annotation and editing feature that enables participatory teaching and learning by enabling real-time participation in these skills in a remote environment, ensuring that each learning session is more interactive and fun. .

Sim Teck Hwavice president of the Confucian private secondary school, said, “Even though we have been around for over a century, we believe in evolving with the times to equip our teachers and students with the best tools for effective learning. We chose IMAGO solutions because they offer a wide range of advanced features that enhance teacher-student collaborations and interactions, regardless of platforms or devices.IMAGO solutions will help our teachers conduct interactive, intuitive and inspiring lessons, creating an active learning environment while improving the teaching and learning experience.

“IMAGO’s educational content platform provides extensive teaching materials and content preparation, simulation experiments, instructional videos and online interactive exercises for different subjects. The abundance of content in the resource library helps teachers to compile their teaching files and optimize their teaching methods.,“concluded Sim.


IMAGO is a Malaysiamultinational technology company headquartered in United States with a strong presence in the APAC region. IMAGO promotes global connection and collaboration through its smart all-in-one technologies, focusing on video conferencing and private cloud solutions to facilitate its strong education customer base in both public and public sectors. private.

About Confucian Private Secondary School

Confucian Private Secondary School is a Chinese independent secondary school located in Kuala Lumpur. Founded in 1906 under British rule, it is one of the oldest independent Chinese secondary schools in Malaysia.



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