In Mizoram Village, Students Travel For Miles To Access The Internet For Online Classes


For the second year in a row, the lack of internet connectivity has become a long-standing challenge for students in Mawhrei village, as they will again have to climb through dense forest for about 3-4 km in order to attend classes in line.

Notably, the Mizoram government has closed all schools for students in grades 1 to 11 as well as colleges and universities, amid the growing number of Covid-19 cases in the state.

However, many students are not happy with the government’s decision as they will face many difficulties in attending their classes online due to the poor internet connection in their locality.

The students tell about the ordeal

K Zaro, a semester VI undergraduate student at Aizawl Hrangbana College and a resident of Mawhrei village in Siaha district of Mizoram told Aajtak / India Today TV that they encountered similar problems during the lockdown period. in 2020 when the government imposed restrictions due to Covid-19 surge.

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“There is no proper internet connectivity in our locality and we face various issues in attending online courses and taking exams through the online mode. Over the past two years, the Mara Student Organization has built a temporary examination room, a makeshift classroom for us inside a dense forest on top of a hill using bamboo. , banana leaves, tarpaulin, etc. “Said K Zaro.

Zeromin, another student from Mawhrei village, said that in 2018-19 a 2G mobile network tower was installed in their locality, but it was not functioning properly either.

“Sometimes the tower works and sometimes it doesn’t. We urge the government to upgrade the mobile tower to 4G. We have given a memorandum to the administration on several occasions, but they have not yet responded, ”Zeromin said.

Students struggle to take online courses for the second year in a row

The temporary examination room and classroom located at ‘Mt. Tlaotlah ‘is 10 km from the Indo-Myanmar border and it is only accessible by a 3-4 km hike uphill through dense forest.

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This particular location is the only one in Mawhrei village where mobile network connectivity is available.

“We’ll have to do a 3-4 km climb again this time around as well to attend our online classes. The connectivity of the mobile network in our locality always remains the same, there is no change. The government has to think of us, of how we deal with difficulties, ”said K Zaro.

There are over 60 students in Mawhrei village.

Mara student organization asks for help

Arrangements have been made by the Mara Student Organization to help students complete their online classes at the top of the hill, as online classes are expected to start from January 12.

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The exam hall and makeshift classroom were built by the Mawhrei Village Branch of the Mara Student Organization where mobile network signals are available.

KL Paul Vanropuia, chairman of the Mawhrei Village Unit of the Mara Students’ Organization, said they would again make arrangements for students in the area to attend the classes online.

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“Over the past two years, we have built a makeshift cabin at the exact spot where the internet signal is available. We will start the online courses for students from January 12, ”said KL Paul Vanropuia.

On the other hand, the chairman of the Mara Students’ Organization, CH Beikhochhi, said that not only Mawhrei Village, but many other students in Siaha District Village are also facing similar problems.

“The leaders of the Mara Student Organization monitor and help students on a daily basis if they encounter problems due to internet connection and other issues,” said CH Beikhochhi.

Meanwhile, Siaha District Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Abraham Beirazi Khithie said the district administration had done its best to provide district students with facilities to take their courses online during the Covid-19 restrictions.

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” We are doing our best. But, due to the lack of proper connectivity to the mobile network, many students in remote areas face problems. The elementary education department reports to the autonomous council and the council will do its best, ”said Abraham Beirazi Khithie.

Mizoram Covid situation

Mizoram reported 1,513 new positive cases for Covid-19 on Monday. Meanwhile, the state’s number of active cases stands at 5,910.

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