Is the Redwood City School Board trying to be recalled? | City center

The Redwood City School District is failing. Drop in registrations. Underfunded schools. Staff crisis. Chronic school absenteeism. And, more heartbreakingly, the vast majority of students in lower socioeconomic schools on the East Side are one to three years behind in math and reading. This is a dire situation warranting special attention from the superintendent and the school board.

What madness did they do instead? Think of creative ways to destroy the top performing school in the district. The school involved – North Star Academy – is a free public school for grades 3-8 that serves highly capable students from across the district. It was recently ranked #1 elementary school in California, was a National Blue Ribbon School in 2018, has been successful in its current form for a quarter of a century since its founding in 1997, serves 52% minority students per US News and has extraordinary family satisfaction (and financial support) in its current form. As Superintendent Baker summarized this week, “Over the past 25 years, North Star has provided an excellent education to thousands of students who benefit from the compact curriculum combined with enrichment. Yet somehow, with straight faces, the school board recently came out unanimously on this unique achievement: “The status quo is not an option.” Eh?

Did the Council somehow miss what happened in San Francisco? Urgent learning crisis for students + Board distracted by non-emergency name change plan = MASSIVE REMINDER. The Redwood City Board is repeating this playbook, apparently on purpose.

The Redwood City School Board covered the devastating Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 student performance assessment results in one-off late-night PowerPoint presentations, with no substantive discussion or board action plan. Not even a measurable hesitation, and certainly not a call to action or dedication of time and resources to solving the widespread academic crisis. Yet so far in 2022, the same school board has dedicated two lengthy public meetings, one full private board business session, and eight — yes 8! – long meetings of the district committee to spit on how to “fix” the only school in the district that is not broken. Aren’t they ashamed? Is that really why they were elected?

What a joke would the Redwood City School Board be if its only achievement for 2022 was breaking up the #1 elementary school in California. While the schools of the most needy children are failing around them.

The Redwood City School Board must immediately stop wasting time and resources on this madness. Leave North Star pretty much alone and get back to the real work of serving the kids and schools that need it most, before the community has to follow SF’s callback lead.


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