Kantigi advocates ‘machine learning’ to boost education



For Nigeria’s education sector to receive the much-needed boost and become competitive globally, stakeholders must embrace machine learning, said ICT expert and leading software developer plan, Salihu Isah Kantigi.

In an article titled “Application of Machine Learning In Boosting Nigeria’s Education Sector,” Kantigi said that machine learning enables the evaluation and analysis of data without external coding or human interference. Therefore, if adopted, it would make teaching and learning faster and easier in Nigeria.

“Our education sector has so many benefits to gain from the adoption of machine learning: it will personalize and personalize the learning process, it will lead to full content analysis, it will improve grading, lessons in progress. line and automate tedious tasks, ”he said.

Kantigi lamented that many countries have gone a long way to adopt it in their education sectors, but the reverse is the case in Nigeria.
“Only private institutions understand this at the moment, and they have even been triggered by the COVID-19 epidemic.

“If machine learning had been mainstreamed in Nigeria, banditry and even the COVID-19 epidemic would not have affected schools like they have or have done; distance learning would have simply replaced physical learning, ”he said.

The software developer, however, called on the government to make available the infrastructure that would make machine learning operational in the country.
Kantigi is an alumnus of the University of Texas and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he studied data science and machine learning. He is also a certified expert in anti-money laundering solutions.



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