Leia Inc. partners with Anatomage to enable 3D stereoscopic learning through Anatomage VR


SAN FRANCISCO, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leia Inc., the leading 3D experience platform leveraging proprietary nanotechnology and AI to democratize the metaverse, has partnered with Anatomage Inc., a market leader in tech imaging, to enable a cost-effective 3D medical education solution leveraging Leia’s Lume Tablet Pad and Anatomage software.

Launched by Anatomage, Anatomage VR allows users to project 3D stereoscopic images of Anatomage’s digital bodies and pathology library onto Leia’s Lume Pads. The award-winning Lightfield Lume Pads 3D display enables naturally immersive 3D learning that’s easy to use and glasses-free. Combined with the Anatomage VR app, users can interact with two realistic digital bodies created from real, highly segmented and annotated human data. The tablet’s interactive interface allows swiping, panning and zooming through gross anatomical bodies and an extensive patient library via Anatomage VR.

“Leia’s Lightfield 3D displays make it interactive and easy to connect virtual and in-person by delivering naturally immersive learning,” said David FatalCEO of Leia Inc. “Leia is the first company whose software and nanotechnology display underlay makes the metaverse and 3D experiences instantly accessible to everyone on any device at scale – and we’re thrilled to be working with Anatomage to make medical education more accessible.”

“Our customers wanted to see our content jump off the screen and we’re thrilled to make this offer,” said jack choi, CEO of Anatomage. “With Anatomage VR, our customers can bring the excitement of 3D to their students, engaging them with a more immersive and interactive learning platform – rich quality content to deliver an enjoyable learning experience.”

Designed to accompany accredited high school anatomy and life science programs, Anatomage VR on the Lume Pad provides a portable, personalized learning solution for students to independently review anatomy concepts in the classroom, at home and from anywhere.

For more information, please visit leiainc.com or anatomage.com/vr.

About Leia Inc.

Leia is a proprietary nanotechnology and AI-secured 3D experience platform, working to democratize access to the Metaverse through its Lightfield 3D displays – providing a more accessible alternative to AR/VR glasses. Lightfield 3D technology integrates with display-based devices to deliver familiar products that are naturally immersive and easy to use. With endless content opportunities by quickly converting existing 2D content to 3D. Based in Silicon Valley, Leia builds strategic partnerships with industry leaders to drive impact at scale, because the future of the internet is 3D. To learn more, visit leiainc.com.

About Anatomy

The market leader in medical imaging technology, Anatomage enables an ecosystem of 3D anatomy hardware and software, allowing users to visualize anatomy at the highest level of precision. With its highly innovative products, Anatomage transforms the learning of standard anatomy, medical diagnosis and treatment planning.



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