Letter: Congratulations to School Board and Superintendent | Letters to the Editor


Our TSD School Board #9 met on Monday March 15 to discuss our children’s education. The meeting was an example of the extent of this responsibility for the board, administration, staff and students in these difficult times.

They discussed typical updates on school policy changes, state funding, local foundation grants and support, staffing, contract negotiations, and board members’ shared personal visits to all buildings in the district.

But they also received enthusiastic feedback from the alternative school, which provides a safe place for non-traditional learning; they listened to a heartfelt competitive speech discussing the challenges facing our local farmers and the impact this is having on their families; they previewed a senior student project called “Every 15 Minutes,” which highlights the tragic consequences of impaired driving. And, finally, they heard a moving testimony about the challenges faced by an autistic staff member, who reminded us all to try to meet people where they are.

I applaud Board Chairman Matt Petty’s congratulations to fellow Board member Kris Lachenmeier and the previous Board for their wise selection of Superintendent Curt Shelley, who has guided us through the past two difficult years. Under her leadership, the district has been able to protect staff, maintain funding, and protect, nurture, and educate our students, while trying to meet people where they are.


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