Littleton School of Music offers in-person and online music lessons for children in Littleton, CO


Littleton, Colo. – Littleton School of Music is a long-established music school looking for new ways to learn, teach and engage with children in Littleton communities. With a philosophy centered on the growth of the student and the family, the music teachers are committed to providing a personalized learning experience for children and adolescents.

There are so many things for students to do in one space at music school. Staff maintain one of the region’s most popular course facilities with a comfortable lobby, bathroom and lounge areas. School students can use their smartphones, laptops and other mobile devices to learn and play their favorite songs in real time. Teachers record the musical examples, allowing students to take video recordings of their lessons home for additional practice.

Whether a student wants to take piano lessons in Littleton for an audition or for fun, Littleton School of Music has patient and friendly teachers dedicated to nurturing a child’s musical interest. They teach popular songs, classical music, rock chords, sheet music, classic sonatina and many more. Piano lessons focus on technique, theory, and the fundamentals of sight reading while incorporating songs into the lessons. Parents looking for a piano teacher near me for their children can rent or buy an electric keyboard for home practice. Teachers recommend a keyboard with full-sized keys and tactile response.

The Music School’s Singer’s Edge program includes 4 levels accompanied by course manuals detailing the techniques a student would need for popular singing styles. This program is led by private voice teachers and voice teachers who help students love and understand their voice. Singing lessons improve pop, rock, country, drama, gospel, jazz or R&B singing techniques. Guitar lessons focus on teaching country, rock, classical, metal and blues, electric and acoustic guitars, and teachers balance musicality and fun making sure students discover new concepts.

Littleton School of Music offers drum lessons with various technical exercises designed to improve the speed and comfort of the student. Their percussion lessons are a complement to any school band, worship band or rock band program. Additionally, the school teaches violin, mandolin, banjo, saxophone, harmonica, ukulele, trumpet, cello, viola, music production, songwriting, and many more. .

The Littleton School of Music allows students to earn colored wristbands, certificates and trophies for passing tests. The music school is run by parents who understand what it takes to raise a child since its inception in 2006. They go above and beyond to ensure that each child reaches their potential without compromising their personality. The school also has comfortable furnishings, HD televisions, a fully stocked beverage cooler, refreshments, and free Wi-Fi for family members.

To learn more about their music lessons, visit their website or call 303-972-7625. The Littleton School of Music is located at 6905 S. Broadway, Suite 99, Littleton, CO, 80122, USA.

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