Loss of learning experienced by students due to online courses can take up to 3 years to repair: survey



University students believe Covid-19 has resulted in loss of learning. Up to 85 percent of students admitted to having experienced a learning loss. A recent report by computer company TeamLease titled “COVID 19 Learning Loss in Higher Education” claims the losses are so high that it can take up to three years to close the gap.

While students estimate the loss to be between 40 and 60 percent, universities say the loss is between 30 and 40 percent. The reasons for the learning loss are the digital divide, slow governance in government institutions, pre-existing capacity deficits, longer bottlenecks than most countries, and poor online teaching / learning content.

TeamLease surveyed more than 700 students and 75 university leaders across the country to assess their estimates of learning loss. “The Covid-19 lockdown obviously included our over 1,000 universities and over 45,000 colleges (according to industry research); it certainly helped prevent the virus from spreading, but forced colleges and universities to operate in unknown ways, suspending activities like research and pivoting online, ”said TeamLease Edtech.

Digital India must be accelerated to bridge the digital divide between the poor, rural areas and disadvantaged communities. Higher education sectors are expected to be financially supported by government funds and banks for a one-time COVID-related investment expenditure in digital infrastructure, training and transition, TeamLease said.

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