Master ASL and donate to a good cause with these classes


With fall fast approaching, learning new skills is a priority. So if you are thinking of learning a new language, the Complete American Sign Language Masterclass Package is the perfect place to start. You can study toward ASL fluency and save big on this full course package during our Back to Education Event. During this promotion, which runs from August 10, 2022 to August 24, 2022, you will receive 100 hours of CPD accredited content for only $39.99; no promo code needed.

that you already have gained some ASL skills or are brand new to the language, this package includes a range of lessons for everyone. Learn all about the basics of specific signature types. For example, you can learn the signs to use in medical environments, which Anouschka Foltz and Christopher Shank at Communication boundariesn note are “essential for positive health care experiences for deaf people”. Once you complete the course, you will be able to converse in ASL in any situation., known for its online learning platform that covers languages ​​and professional and self-development skills, brings you five information-packed courses and a bonus e-book. Start things off with American Sign Language – Level 1which walks you through all the basics like the alphabet, numbers, pronouns, and professions.

Of the, American Sign Language – Level 2 helps you start communicating with others, asking you to ask questions, use past and future tenses, and sign important action verbs. Finally, level three takes things a step further by giving you hints about hobbies, fashion, money, directions, and more.

Two more specific courses complete this set. American Sign Language for Babies and Toddlers teaches you how to communicate with infants and toddlers, giving you the skills to prepare them to start conversing with you before they speak. And Scuba Diving Hand Signal Course gives everything you need to know about underwater communication.

Act fast to score the Complete American Sign Language Masterclass Package for just $39.99 during the Back to Education event, where you can shop and do good at the same time. 50 cents from each unit sold will be donated to students or children in need, and you will receive an email to weigh in on the school or charity where the money is going, which will be announced after the end of the month. ‘event !

Prices subject to change.


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