NetOne uses education bundle for e-learning services


the herald

Daniel Chigunwe Herald Correspondent

Telecommunications company NetOne, in partnership with a local company, Leaptech, has leveraged a new education data package to promote the use of e-learning services.

The use of the bundle is accompanied by several empowerment programs introduced as measures to mitigate the affordability issues that plague schools, especially those with learners from low-income backgrounds.

Speaking recently at the official use of the Kundayi High School package in concession, NetOne COO Mr. Jeremiah Munembe said it is a step towards bridging the digital divide in schools.

“Making this educational package available is a way to mitigate the affordability challenges that schools face for successful implementation of e-learning services,” he said.

“In areas where internet connectivity is poor, we are working on infrastructure development so that there is improvement and at the same time, let me emphasize that the educational package is strictly designed to serve educational purposes and not developed for social media platforms”,

Also as a way to increase the sustainability of the project, Leaptech said it has engaged several stakeholders to help schools with capacity building programs for income generation.

“In order to create sustainability, Leaptech has developed enabling programs to assist income generation projects for schools that will help address affordability issues.

“We have also been supported by the Women’s Bank team who are there to provide financial solutions to schools and we have since partnered with agriculture players like National Tested Seeds to ensure empowerment programs are created to strengthen financial stability for improving e-learning,” said Leaptech COO Mr. Pascal Mabvuva.


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