Personal details of 240 Osaka high school students exposed in online survey


The Osaka Prefectural Government Annex Building, including the Prefectural Education Agency, can be seen in the Chuo Ward of Osaka. (Mainichi/Kazuhisa Soneda)

OSAKA — The personal information of 240 students who responded to an online survey at an Osaka high school was visible to all respondents, the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education announced on August 15.

Osaka’s Kozu Prefectural High School launched the first online survey targeting 363 first-graders to process their attendance and grades in late June. The personal information of as many as 240 students – including their names, addresses, phone numbers and names of tutors – could apparently be viewed by other respondents for about a month.

The issue arose after a student’s tutor reported it. This happened because the teachers who had created the answer format for the online quiz used the wrong parameter and did not verify it. The school said no misuse of students‘ personal information has been confirmed.

In response to the incident, the prefectural board of education will create a checklist for handling personal information online and share it with all prefectural high schools.

(Japanese original by Yuta Kumamoto, Osaka City News Department)


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