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East Limestone boys’ head basketball coach Jake Moran may be new to the team, but he joins a program used to winning.

Him too.

With his group of titleholders of the Departmental Tournament, Moran takes over a group with talent, experience and confidence.

“I’m still learning about the guys and their personalities, and they’re getting to know me and my expectations better every day,” Coach Moran said. “I like their unity. These guys, they’ve been together for a while. Not many transfers or anything like that. They have played together since the youth league. They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They play well together. »

Moran knows the area well and also knows how to win.

For the past two seasons he has been with the nearby Tanner Rattlers, who are always competitive.

Prior to that, he spent seven seasons as the head coach or assistant coach of 7A Grissom in Huntsville.

His first stint with Tanner was as an assistant for two seasons before leaving for Grissom.

He is a high school graduate of Tuscaloosa Academy and a graduate of Athens State University.

Every time there is a new coach at the helm, even with a successful basketball program, there is a change in expectations and in the culture of the program.

For Moran, his philosophy is simple: work hard.

“I preach hard work every day. The longer you spend working, the better results you will get,” Moran said. “So we got to work every day. Five days a week during the off-season. We will practice every day that we can practice. We didn’t have any guys playing football, so we had a really tough offseason. They’re after it and we’re only growing as a team. They learn what I want to do.

There’s also another simple philosophy on his part: they’ll shoot it, and shoot it often.

“They bought into that and it’s been pretty good,” he said.

The Indians, while they’ll have a good team, won’t get any nights off either, as they constantly face tough opponents in northern Alabama.

“North Alabama is still very good at basketball. They produce championship-level teams every year, great college players every year,” Moran said. “You have a really good talent pool here with really good teams and very good coaches. Walk into any gym any night and find a good basketball. I think it makes us all better; it’s a chance to see other coaches coaching.

His squad are eyeing plenty of accomplishments in the 2022-23 season, which starts with wanting to succeed early on to gaining momentum in the county tournament for a repeat chance

“We talked about our goals this year, and one of the first of the year that we can achieve is to be county champions,” Moran said. “We’re looking forward to it. Our two main targets were county champions and region champions. Then go from there. After that, it all adds up (that success).”

Moran talked about two coaches he currently admires who inspire him to inspire his kids.

One is Duke’s Coach K, the recently retired Blue Devils great.

For someone who preaches hard work (and also a Duke fan) like Moran, Coach K is a fitting role model, as someone who rose from the Military Academy to become the most successful college coach. of this time.

Another is Steve Kerr, the current head coach of the reigning world champion Golden State Warriors.

Another suitable role model is Kerr, as he is a coach who preaches shooting, shooting and shooting a little more, much like Moran.

Along with playing hard and shooting the ball well and often, Moran also expects his group to control the pace of play, forcing the other team to play their style of basketball.

East Limestone will be featured in a zone alongside Zone 16 opponents 5A Ardmore and Madison Academy.


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