Resumption of lessons in masks


With the exception of six schools still undergoing renovations or in the case of the Sherman School being cleaned of mold, the students in Warwick were back in class yesterday. Mayor Frank Picozzi, who was accompanied by School Committee Chair Judy Cobden, Superintendent Lynn Dambruch and Deputy Superintendent William McCaffrey, made Hoxsie School his first stop of the day. The first classroom they visited was the kindergarten where the mayor’s grandson, Benjamin Kirchner, was staying. Dambruch said all elementary schools will have a full-time math intervention teacher this year. All schools offer free breakfasts and lunches to all students, McCaffrey said. Hoxsie manager Gary McCoombs was happy with the opening, observing despite the excitement and occasional confusion that comes with opening day, classes were only five minutes from the start at 8:30 am. Schools that did not open yesterday will open Monday and close later at the end of the school year to make up for lost days. (Photos by Warwick Beacon) LINE THEM UP: Buses dropped off the students at the entrance to the Hoxsie Multipurpose Hall where they were directed to their respective classrooms. FOR THE ALBUM: The siblings are lined up for a family photo in front of the welcome sign at Hoxsie School.

ON TIME: Hoxsie principal Gary McCoombs led traffic ensuring a constant flow of buses and parents bringing their children to school.

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