Sent XI brands online last year: HS schools | Calcutta News


KOLKATA: Many of the 2,000 schools, which, according to the West Bengal Upper Secondary Education Council, had not submitted the Class XI scores of their upper secondary applicants required to calculate their final grades to the class councils XII, said they sent the notes online last year. They were not failing, they said.
The directors felt that confusion might have been created as some had submitted the notes online and some had sent them physically. But since both modes were allowed, the board should have updated the list, they said.
Some of the city’s schools on the defaulting list include St Lawrence High School, Jodhpur Park Boys, Silver Point and the Hindu School. Most of them went to the board with proof that all grades were sent in 2020. “I submitted Class XI grades a long time ago. There is no reason for my name to be on the default list, ”said Father Sebastian, Principal of St Lawrence. The principal of Silver Point School, Sucharita Roychowdhury, said, “We have proof of submission. I don’t know why we were included. I go back to the board.
Several school principals also approached the board, seeking to modify the submitted grades, citing “errors” while hastily recording them. “As 60% of the weighting will be on Class XI marks, we rechecked our tally and spotted some errors. We hope that the board will allow us to change them, ”said Parimal Bhattacharya, director of Jadavpur Vidyapith.


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