SGC discusses internet service and using Canvas at Ithaca College


The Ithaca College Student Governance Council (SGC) held a bill-writing workshop at its November 7 meeting following a discussion with representatives from the Office of Information Technology (IT) .

David Weil ’87, Chief Information Officer of Computing; Casey Kendall, Executive Director of the Office of Applications and Infrastructure; and Jenna Linskens, Director of the Office of Learning and Innovative Technologies, provided updates to the SGC on Apogee Services and the use of canvas.

Weil said that since Sept. 12, Apogee has updated its wireless controllers and upgraded the college to its colocation site — a location that stores data from different schools — to have enough capacity for all students and staff can use their devices on campus as they please. . At the start of the semester, students had problems with Apogee WiFi connectivity because Apogee has not tested updates made over the summer.

Kendall said Apogee is seeking help from the student population by offering a network technician internship to students each semester. This is the first time that Apogee has offered this program in college. Kendall said Apogee seeks to provide a better connection between college students and the software company. In this effort, Apogee also seeks to sponsor student organizations by providing funding in exchange for more direct and consistent feedback on their services from students.

“Some of the requirements would be that you send out surveys to other students and kind of be the canary in the coal mine and let them know if [internet issues] seem like widespread issues or singular issues,” Kendall said.

Linskens gave updates on using Canvas and said all students are enrolled in a resource course that incoming students were required to take as part of their orientation, but the college received feedback from students that the course was overwhelming. Computing will introduce a new module that will feature in each course with simple and straightforward information in place of the student resource course. Linskens said she’s open to feedback on how this module can be more effective.

Linskens said college computing had a survey available until December 5 to assess student attitudes toward technology on campus. She said IT’s goal was to have 15% of students complete the survey.

“We’ve published this survey in the past,” Linskens said. “A lot of the feedback we received from this survey really helped drive changes with the learning management system as well as other improvements and changes elsewhere.”

Senior Grace Madeya, Student Body President, said Junior Nick Viggiani has left his position on the Board of Trustees as Vice President of Communications and will no longer serve on the SGC. Before being elected vice president of communications on Oct. 17, Viggiani served as a senator in the Class of 2024. The SGC will elect a candidate for the position at its next meeting on Nov. 14.

“[Viggiani] sent a very nice email,” Madeya said. “I hope you know he’s very grateful for his experience on SGC, he has a lot of respect for all of you, so there’s no hard feelings there.”

Following Madeya’s announcement, Lila Weiser, Chief of Staff, led a workshop on drafting bills. There are 10 new SGC members this semester who have never written a bill before out of a total of 20 members. The senators split into two teams and were each asked by Weiser to draft a bill on, one on providing puppies to all students, the other on building a spaceship on campus. . Teams researched their problems, wrote mock bills to solve, and practiced presenting their bills.

Following the workshop, the GSC Management Board presented its official reports. Madeya asked the council to spread the word about the Cortaca Viewing Party hosted by the SGC from noon to 4 p.m. on November 12 in the Emerson Suites at the Campus Center.

Freshman Rishabh Sen, Vice President of Academic Affairs, updated the board on the Academic Affairs Committee meeting and his meeting with Bonnie Prunty, Vice President of Student Affairs and Campus Life. Sen said that during the campus affairs committee meeting, two major issues that were identified were improving the lighting of the staircase that leads from Gannett Center to the Towers residence halls and upgrading the water fountains. drinking water in residential buildings on campus.

Sen said Prunty wanted to launch a task force initiative in response to swastikas and hate symbols on campus with representation from different organizations on campus. Sen said another initiative Prunty wants to work on is a coalition of allies where members of different student groups work together, starting with sending out a statement about acts of hate on campus.

“[The Office of Student Affairs and Campus Life] want to[s] a representative of SGC and one of [Hillel at Ithaca College]“Sen said. “So they really want to emphasize that this is an issue for students in general and not just Jewish students.”

The SGC is the sole representative body of the student community at Ithaca College. The SGC can be contacted at [email protected]


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