Should schools in Harrow close due to heat wave?


After a heat wave that lasted more than two weeks, it will finally peak in Harrow tomorrow and Tuesday with temperatures expected to hit the late 30s.

Most schools in the borough have issued guidance to parents in accordance with the Department for Education (DfE), with schools to remain open on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Some schools said they finished at noon on both days to allow students to return home before the hottest part of the day.

Wednesday will be cooler, but still very hot, even for the month of July, and we wanted to know if locals felt schools should close under these conditions.

After asking the Harrow Online Group, we’ve compiled some of the answers below…

“If parents want their children out of school and can afford time off from work to accommodate that, it is their right as a parent to do so.
Not everyone will be lucky enough to be able to afford leave to keep their children at home.

“Yes, I believe that if it is possible for parents to be at home, they should definitely keep their children at home – the heat is ridiculous and the schools do not have air conditioners in the classroom, yes they may have fans but all they do is push hot air around and with 30 to a class is unfair Also since it’s going to be hot the kids probably won’t have a break time, so they will be in a hot stuffy room all day except going out for lunch.

“We’re all snowflakes if we think schools should close they don’t in winter and I live in Harrow on the Hill it’s so cold and schools don’t close then and they shouldn’t No more now.”

“A lot of people didn’t hold up well in this heat, including myself. Our homes and most buildings are not equipped to deal with this weather. I’m not able to concentrate well in this heat. and I’m feeling lethargic so I guess it’s probably the same for the kids. It’s best for the parents to decide if they want to send their child. If the kids go to school and he doesn’t There’s no proper cooling system, so lots of ice cold drinks and maybe informal classes.

“I think schools should stay open but relax on uniform and close early. Parents who want to keep their children at home should do so. Everyone should do what they think is good for their family, without pressure from anyone. The bills have yet to be paid and the food put on our table. And, FYI, my kids will be in school…stay hydrated.

“My little ones who go to school have provided us with air conditioning in all classrooms, extra water and hours of shaded play. They are lucky to have lovely big old trees in the playground, so better than at home, my elders finish early and go in pe kit I’m not sure that’s enough with the heat.

“Of course schools have to be open, it’s not a choice whether to send children to school or not and we as parents have a responsibility to make sure they are in school. – sometimes that means in extreme weather conditions. They’ll be fine, yes it’s hot, but we’ll manage! “.

“I don’t think it’s fair for the kids to think about sending them, why? It’s the end of term this week anyway and they’ll probably be sitting around doing nothing to improve their learning anyway (I remember watching movies and playing games at the end of term). So if it was time for exams I would of course say welcome them, but it’s not, I say they should be closed.

“If schools close at lunchtime, won’t children travel during the hottest times?”

“After all, it’s summer, isn’t it? And just because it’s 40°C doesn’t mean you’ll want to.

“It makes no sense, TfL is telling people to only travel if absolutely necessary, but schools are still telling parents to take the kids to school AND it’s the end of term, like wtf ? I really do not understand.


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