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Six candidates are running in the Democratic primary for Illinois’ 17th congressional district on June 28, 2022. Incumbent Representative Cheri Bustos (D) is not running for re-election. Jonathan Logemann, Angie Normoyle, Eric Sorensen and Litesa Wallace led the fundraiser.

Logemann, a high school economics and business teacher, has served on the Rockford City Council since 2017, representing the 2nd Ward. Logemann said he decided to run because he felt a call to serve his community. Logemann focused on his background as a teacher and member of the National Guard, saying, “As a teacher, and with my service in the Illinois National Guard and as an alderman… none None of these jobs isn’t glamorous at all, but community service is something that’s very important to me. Logemann also highlighted labor issues, writing, “I am running to raise wages, fight to protect workplaces, defend the right to collective bargaining and ensure our workers are treated fairly.”

Illinois AFL-CIO, Illinois Education Association and Vote Vets PAC endorsed Logemann.

Normoyle has represented the 14th District on the Rock Island County Board of Directors since 2019. A professor at Augustana College, Normoyle cited education as a major issue. She highlighted her work with the Moline School Board saying, “During my tenure on the school board, we have modernized the Moline School District, expanding schools to provide space for alternative learning, art, extracurricular activities, etc. Normoyle also focused on her connections to the neighborhood, saying, “This neighborhood has been my home for most of my life, and I am deeply committed to investing in a healthy community. We need more representatives who lead with a local focus – who meet with community leaders, hold open meetings and listen to community members, not vested interests.

The Leadership Now project has endorsed Normoyle.

Sorensen, a television meteorologist in the Quad Cities area, focused on climate change. Sorensen’s website states, “In central and northwestern Illinois, we know climate change is real – whether it’s the summer drought of 2021 or the August derecho of 2020 with winds of 100 miles per hour.” He added: “Now is the time to act, and we need an experienced climate communicator to lead.” Sorensen also focused on LGBTQ issues and spoke about discrimination early in his career. Sorensen said: “[At my first TV job], I was told I couldn’t be gay and work there. My experiences in Rockford and the Quad Cities were quite different – I got to be on TV! And in the Quad Cities, I’ve taken a more active role in our LGBTQ community.

The LGBTQ Victory Fund, Equality PAC and Climate Hawks Vote endorsed Sorensen.

Wallace represented the 67th District in the Illinois House of Representatives from 2014 to 2019. A single mother and mental health counselor, Wallace focused on child custody issues. Wallace wrote, “When I get to Congress, I will fight hard to expand affordable child care programs for parents who work low-wage jobs or are in school or training programs. » She added, “Right now, many parents in Illinois simply cannot afford to pay for reliable, quality child care. Paying the average childcare costs for a 4-year-old child would consume more than half of a minimum-wage worker’s annual income – and caring for a baby would cost nearly three-quarters of that worker’s wage. In 2018, Wallace ran in the Democratic primary for Illinois lieutenant governor on gubernatorial candidate Daniel Biss (D)’s ticket, losing 45.1% to 26.7%.

The Illinois Federation of Teachers, Democracy for America, and the Illinois Chapter of SEIU endorsed Wallace.

The lines of the 17th arrondissement changed after the redistricting. According to FiveThirtyEight, the old district had a partisan bias of R+5, while the new district has a partisan bias of D+4. One election forecaster rates the Tilt Democratic general election, while two rate it as a Toss-up , suggesting that it will be competitive.

Jacqueline McGowan and Marsha Williams are also running in the primary.


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