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For high school students interested in attending Baylor in the fall, Baylor offers two application deadlines: November 1 (Early Decision 1 and Early Action) and February 1 (Early Decision 2 and Regular Admission).

Applying by November 1 as an Early Decision 1 or Early Action applicant allows students to receive an admissions decision sooner than those applying for Early Decision 2 or Regular Admission. Early Decision 1 applicants will receive an admissions decision by December 15 and Early Action applicants will receive a decision by January 15. Conversely, Early Decision 2 applicants will receive a decision by March 1 and Regular Admission applicants will receive a decision by April 10. .

In addition to receiving an early admissions decision, there are other benefits to applying early:

  • Applying early shows your level of interest! If Baylor is your first choice college, submitting an early application will demonstrate your commitment, which could make you a stronger candidate.
  • Your senior year goes by quickly and there are all kinds of celebrations and special activities that come along with it. Make the most of your senior year by crossing your college application off your to-do list at the start of the fall semester.
  • If Baylor is your first choice, apply Early Decision 1 (binding contract) and save time and expense by applying to multiple colleges. If you’re accepted at Baylor, you don’t need to apply anywhere else!
  • Our freshman class is filling up fast! Historically, the majority of our freshman class is comprised of Early Decision 1 and Early Action applicants who apply before November 1. 
  • Each applicant is automatically considered for merit-based scholarships when applying. When you apply early, you will potentially get your scholarship information sooner.
  • Because you’ll receive your admissions decision sooner, you’ll have more time to make your college decision, pay your registration deposit, and complete the next crucial steps to register.

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