Teach yourself data science at your own pace for less than $40



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Artificial intelligence (AI) has become so mainstream that it’s easy to forget it was once a sci-fi pipe dream. But AI and the machine learning concepts behind it are still new enough that programmers and data scientists will be in demand for the foreseeable future. So, if you want to pursue a career in one of the fields where data science know-how is essential, this e-learning package can be an excellent first step.

The Data Science and Machine Learning A to Z Pack combines seven key courses on the skills data scientists use in the field. This training is delivered by the experts at SkillSuccess, an online learning organization that provides IT professionals in large enterprises with the materials needed to learn new skills and update their existing ones. The platform’s highly trained instructors are experienced programmers and software engineers, and because the courses are presented in video format, the content is accessible to everyone.

These courses don’t just teach the coding skills you need to excel in data science; they also teach underlying concepts including basic statistics, unsupervised learning, and entropy. In a few hours, you can gain a basic understanding of NumPy, Madplotlib, and other essential libraries for Python. Before long, you should be able to create your own algorithms with R and feed them with massive datasets.

The full package includes over 50 hours of tutorials and projects, and it’s all on sale now. Normally $199 per course, you can buy all A to Z Data Science Pack for $39 – that’s less than $6 per course.


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