The Peter Döhle Group signs 130 vessels for the Seably line training market


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Nick Blenkey

From left to right: Rikke Haugen Olsen, Commercial Director Seably; Rainer Stark. training manager Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG; Andrea Lodolo CEO Seably; and Holger Egener, HR Manager at Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG

Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG, headquartered in Hamburg, has reached an agreement that will allow 130 of its ships and more than 5,500 seafarers to access maritime training through the Seably online marketplace.

creates smarter education for the industry through a fusion of great content, usability, and technology.

Earlier this year, Seably became the first digital training platform to receive a new DNV skill certification, the DNV SeaSkill Standard ST-0595.

Peter Döhle chose to use Seably for maritime training and followed a detailed process of extensive research, testing and due diligence.

“Before choosing Seably, we had a series of different vendors and learning platforms,” ​​said Rainer Starke, the company’s training manager. “Our goal was to implement a solution that was easy to implement and offered a wide variety of training. We embarked on a thorough market study, where we looked at possible solutions for our fleets. When we came across Seably, we were won over by its unique approach. So we asked a number of our captains to try it ‘undercover’. They logged in as normal users and gave us great positive feedback.

“The other winning factor was the system itself,” said Holger Egener, human resources manager at Peter Döhle. “The cloud-based solution – which requires no additional software to be installed – is fully aligned with our security protocols. With Seably, the crew can access the market from anywhere, on their own devices, at sea or ashore. This means that if we need to contact our seafarers to draw their attention to training options, they can immediately access them and download them to their devices. Every seafarer these days has a smartphone. , so we work with systems and devices that are familiar and easily accessible. Wrap it all up in a solution provided by specialists who are there to meet our demands, who are available to answer all our questions and who also made it easy for us to conclusion – then you can see why we think Seably is the right fit for us.

Through this arrangement, Peter Döhle sailors have access to both the company’s personalized content as well as free and full access to dedicated and exclusive content, tools and learning plans available on the Seably Marketplace. .

“We are extremely proud that a large and prestigious organization such as the Peter Döhle Group has chosen Seably as their e-learning partner,” said Andrea Lodolo, CEO of Seably. “As the destination of choice for sailors, superyachts and shipping companies around the world, at Seably they will have access to new immersive technologies and dedicated content in addition to professional support, well-being and mental health.”

Seably offers over 450 dedicated courses developed by industry specialists and practitioners, covering a wide range of topics and skills. It has a shared revenue algorithm for the international course provider community. The Seably platform can be accessed online and offline, anytime on land or at sea using apps, computers and mobile devices.


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