Top 10 Online Quantum Computing Courses To Take In 2022


by Analytics Insight

December 27, 2021

With quantum computing, almost all tasks are performed at a much higher speed with less power consumption. Big reputable companies like Google, IBM, etc. have invested heavily in quantum computing over the years. According to the trend, it is highly likely that the quantum computing market will experience exponential growth in the near future. Therefore, taking the right quantum computing courses can’t go wrong. On that note, take a look at the 10 best online quantum computing courses to take in 2022.

Quantum computing: less formulas – more understanding

This introductory course from the University of Saint Petersburg is exactly the course that beginners need. From the origin of the computing power of a quantum computer to the mathematical language of quantum mechanics, this course has you covered.

Getting started with quantum machine learning

Getting Started with Quantum Machine Learning is a 2 hour project-based course from Coursera where you will gain knowledge from the fundamentals of how machine learning can benefit from work, and how it can be implemented. in Python using the Pennylane library from Xanadu. Additionally, you will also learn how software libraries can be used to code quantum algorithms.

Quantum computing: from theory to simulation and programming

“Quantum Computing: From Theory to Simulation and Programming” is a comprehensive quantum computing course from Udemy that highlights a wide range of topics ranging from the basics of quantum computing, quantum physics, Cirq programming at Dave-Ocean-SDK. It lasts approximately 4.5 hours and is taught by one of the top machine and quantum learning consultants, Vinay Phadnis.

Quantum computing for beginners

“Quantum Computing for Beginners” is another quantum computing course designed to keep newbies in mind. Whether it’s quantum computing, Qubit, quantum teleportation, superposition, entanglement, or quantum gates and algorithms, this Udemy course covers it all. Nasrat Ali, a software engineer, is the instructor.

The Quantum Internet and Quantum Computers: How Will They Change the World?

This 6 week Delft course has everything you surely wouldn’t want to miss. It is free, accessible to everyone, and mainly deals with applications in the field, such as chemistry, machine learning, etc. One of the best features of this course is that you don’t need any technical training to get started.

Understanding quantum computers

Understanding Quantum Computers, Keio University on FutureLearn, is an excellent course for gaining hands-on experience in quantum computing. This 4 week course supports a bunch of features like – the course is free, subtitles for videos, in Japanese and Thai, and downloadable and translated articles and texts in Thai and Japanese too!

Physical foundations of quantum computing

This quantum computing course, offered by Saint Petersburg State University and taught by Kirill S. Tikhonov, Tatiana Yu. Golubeva, Vashukevich Evgeny and Ivan Vybornyi covers all basic concepts of quantum mechanics. Here you will also learn to master the mathematical apparatus of quantum mechanics. It is a free course and is available on Coursera.

Explore quantum physics

If you are looking for an Intermediate / Advanced Course in Quantum Computing, your search ends here. “Exploring Quantum Physics”, a 4 week course from the University of Maryland, is all you need!

Architecture, algorithms and protocols of a quantum computer and the quantum internet

This comprehensive quantum computing development course offered by Delft University of Technology on edX will help you gain knowledge about the building blocks of a quantum internet. This free course introduces you to topics like micro-architectures, programming languages, compilers, quantum internet and its importance, etc.

Applied quantum computing I: Fundamentals

As the name suggests, “Applied Quantum computing I: Fundamentals” covers the fundamentals of quantum mechanics and how they can be applied to models of quantum information processing today. This quantum computing course (on edX) is offered by Purdue University and lasts 5 weeks. One can also earn a certificate by paying a certain amount.

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