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TRI-CITIES, Va. (WJHL) – Back to school for students this fall also means it’s time to go shopping for back to school. With the Duty Free Weekend taking place August 6-8 in the state of Virginia, now is a great time to check off the items on your child’s list.

There are deals available on traditional supplies and those we have seen implemented during the pandemic, such as Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer and Kleenex.

In Virginia, qualifying items that fall into the duty-free category include $ 20 or less per qualifying supplies, these are your basic items like pencils, pens, papers, and notebooks, as well as $ 100 or less per item when available. it is about clothes and shoes.

“Protective gear,” such as face shields and masks, do not qualify for the tax exemption this weekend, according to the Virginia Tax website.

Officials at Walmart in Bristol, Virginia, told News Channel 11 they are already proud of the everyday low prices, but those prices will be even lower from August 6 to 8.

“The Duty Free Weekend is a great opportunity for some customers to save a little extra money. Each state has different items on the list, so it varies by state, but it’s just a great opportunity for them to save money, ”said Bristol, Virginia Walmart Store Manager, BJ Street.

With the pandemic still present, online shopping is here to stay and is another option for checking out items on your back-to-school list while taking advantage of duty-free offers.

“We also have online shopping, so if customers don’t want to shop in the store, they can do it online and they can even do it back to school,” Street said. “We’ve expanded that list to where they can even put things online or even have it delivered to their homes if they want to, but depending on where they live.”

With kids returning to face-to-face classes, having the right supplies on day one is a step in the right direction, especially for elementary-aged children.

“It is very important that the children are ready to go from day one, if possible. It helps them feel more secure and settle into their surroundings, ”said Ginger Richmond, Van Pelt reading specialist and literacy coach.

“The things that keep kids organized and prepared for each day are the typical things that we want kids to have so that they understand in life what is expected of them to stay organized, and we want to start that out. an early age, “said Van Pelt elementary school principal Jared Rader.

Virginians have three full days of shopping. The holidays officially end at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday August 8.


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