What San Diego County Schools Are Doing For Spring Semester


SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – As the vacation draws to a close, students look to go back to school. Governor Newsom announced last week that students should be tested before returning to in-person learning, providing 6 million test kits across the state.

Statewide, people 16 and over will need to provide proof of vaccination before coming to school. Some San Diego County students have to take two tests, New Years Eve and the first day of school, before returning to class.

Across the county, springtime students will be required to wear masks indoors at all times.

Districts like Lemon Grove will provide weekly testing for students, as well as various testing locations for families.

“We are looking for home testing kits that will be made available to families and their children, our students,” said Dr. Javier Ayala, Lemon Grove School District Board Member.

The San Diego Unified School District said it is working to make vaccines accessible to everyone.

“We now have a mobile clinic,” said Richard Barrera of the SDUSD school board. “And we’re trying to bring this mobile clinic to the schools where we have the highest rates of unvaccinated students, and it will be there all of January.”

Districts like Fallbrook, National, Vista Unified, and Poway Unified are also promoting vaccines. The reason is that California students will soon be required, in 2022, to be fully vaccinated.

“It’s the best way to keep our schools open,” Barrera said. “This is the best way to keep people safe and healthy. So we strongly encourage everyone to take the opportunity, five years and older, to get vaccinated.”

School districts will each receive county reports throughout the spring semester, showing the percentage of staff and students vaccinated.

“As you know, situations change,” Dr Ayala said. “I mean literally a month or two ago we thought it was a different world and now we’re in a different situation. But I know our district leaders are taking the pulse and will release that information to the public. “

In addition to tests and vaccines, school districts are monitoring the Omicron surge. Barrera said he expects few students in the first week and hopes more return in late January.

“We’re in this situation where we’ve been before, we’ve been it a few times, it’s a roller coaster,” Barrera said. “I hope what we can do is focus on raising our children, getting out of school. But we have to take this time now, very seriously.”

Districts like Alpine, which have created what they call “Alpine Choice Academy”. In a letter released on November 22, the district said:

“We designed the Alpine Choice Academy (ACA) to ensure we serve students who are not vaccinated. This unique program is the first of its kind designed to provide in-person learning to students who would not be able to attend school on campus if not vaccinated. We’ll be sharing more details about ACA in the near future, including asking our parents about the upcoming school year to make sure we continue to capture the thoughts of all of our families. “

On December 7, the Cajon Valley School District updated a slideshow they have on their website to show parents and students proper advice for returning to campus and what to do if they think they are. positive.

The Del Mar School District Superintendent posted this notice on his website:

District health and safety protocols include masking for all students indoors, stable groups, increased ventilation, and hand hygiene. As an alternative learning option, students whose health is at risk due to a medical issue related to COVID-19 can enroll in an independent study.

On December 14, the Fallbrook superintendent posted this on the district website:

Current district mask protocols require all staff and students to wear masks indoors when students are present. The new guidelines require that all employees and students wear masks indoors at all times, regardless of their immunization status or the presence of students. These protocols apply to school activities.

As the holiday season approaches, we know families may be considering traveling out of state. Please take note of the recommendation to get tested on your return and to continue to follow the other mitigation measures we have practiced throughout the pandemic, such as wearing a mask, washing your hands and staying home if you are sick.

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