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Health54 is the CFAO Group’s Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) vehicle dedicated to healthcare (part of Toyota Tsusho), a major player in mobility, health, consumer goods, infrastructure and energy in Africa. CFAO Healthcare is a leader in the African pharmaceutical market with operations in over 23 countries in Africa.

We believe Africa’s future is in the hands of talent who can leverage innovation and technology to transform access to healthcare. Through Health54, we are expanding our commitment to closing the social divide and improving access to health on the continent.

We invest in high-potential startups operating in the health sectors in Africa.

We are organizing the 2022 Digital Transformation Challenge calling on innovative healthcare startups operating in Africa!

Enterprise Venture Capital (EVC)

A selection of high-potential innovative projects embodying African health dynamics will participate in a special event – within the framework of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development.

This event will be a great opportunity to promote your company to private investors, public decision-makers and international institutions, as well as the top management of Toyota Tsusho & CFAO. You will participate in a dedicated event in August 2022 and our partner Bond’Innov will provide you with training and support to make the most of this event.

Which startups are eligible for Health54?

To be eligible for the program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an early to mid-stage start-up with a significant share of business in Africa
  • Operate in the Health Tech & Services business sector (see detailed scope below)
  • Companies with at least one year of existence and 6 months of turnover
  • Be an innovator and demonstrate growth potential with strong market traction

What are the sectors of activity concerned by the program?

Health54 targets companies that provide tangible and innovative solutions to current health challenges in Africa.
Our core mission is to enable operators to provide stable access to reliable and affordable medical supplies and medicines to patients in all parts of Africa. 4 key sectors are targeted:

  • Health management (Booking platforms, Management and Comms, E-learning and prevention)
  • Diagnosis, monitoring and telehealth (Platform for connecting providers and patients, Solutions and tools for identifying and monitoring the health of individuals)
  • Medical supply chains and logistics (Logistics and quality assurance, E-pharmacies, Medical deliveries, Environmental management)
  • Financing and health insurance (Insurance services and health coverage, Financing access to health)

Note: Clinical or pharmaceutical research, drug development and medical infrastructure companies will not be considered.

Where should I submit my application? Can I contact the fund teams directly?

The process to apply:

  • To apply, please complete the application form here.
  • Do your best to answer accurately. If some of the questions don’t apply to you or you don’t know how to answer them, skip to the next question.
  • Participation in the call for applications is free.

Preferred contact details:

  • Bond’innov and Health54 will carefully analyze each application and select the most promising
  • Applications submitted in any other way will not be considered.
  • If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact: [email protected]

Benefits of the Health54 2022 Digital Transformation Challenge?

➔ Be the first to access Santé 54 (direct capital investment potential)
➔ Explore synergies with all CFAO businesses.
➔ Immerse yourself in an enriched, competitive and international innovation environment.
➔ Benefit from strong links throughout the value chain.
➔ The Pitch event, within the framework of TICAD, offers the opportunity to benefit from greater visibility.

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